October 14, 2021

Land for sale in Gujarat, India is no longer the only place in India where a real estate agent can be found.

The city of Ahmedabad, which lies in the heart of Gujarat, is now home to a new online listing service for buying and selling real estate properties in Gujarat.

The online platform, called Vizag, is a real-time, real-estate market that allows people to purchase, sell and manage their properties.

There are several other properties being listed on the platform, and these properties are available for purchase through the Vizag portal.

The website also offers buyers a number of options for choosing their properties, and sellers are offered options to negotiate an offer, according to a news report.

The property listings are posted every day, and Vizag allows users to post the property details in a variety of formats, including real-world photos and other digital content.

The platform is similar to the real estate brokerage portal Snapdeal in India.

Both platforms offer a platform for buyers and sellers to find properties, but they differ in some key aspects.

For example, Vizag has a real property listing page, while Snapdeal does not.

The site does have a number, like a property number, which gives buyers a chance to check that the property is listed.

The listings are updated on a daily basis, and it is possible to check the listing status for a property that has been sold.

The real estate listings page offers a way to check if a property has been listed, and also has a list of properties that are available to buy or sell.

However, the site does not offer a way for sellers to make offers.

The app has been around for some time in the US and in India, and now Vizag is the most widely used online real estate market in India and across the globe.

The new website, which is being launched with a $3.5 million investment from the US-based Digital Currency Group, is set to be rolled out in several cities in the country.

The company says it has a network of 200,000 verified real estate agents across India, as well as around 400,000 active listings.


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