October 13, 2021

The next five years are shaping up to be a pretty busy year for the nation’s second city, as a host of developments are expected to take shape.

From the new malls and shopping malls to the construction of new office blocks and new apartments, Vizag has been making its mark in the past few years.

While the city’s growth has slowed down a bit, it is still expected to see a lot of growth in the next few years and even beyond.

The top five projects in Vizang that are expected in 2019 are as follows:1.

New apartment block in the Panchkula area, a block located between Vizag’s Bishnu Road and Naka Nagar Road.

The project is being built by GVK, and will have up to 40 apartments.

The area will be made into an apartment village and the block will feature residential amenities including a large garden, gymnasium, pool, rooftop terrace, and other amenities.2.

New residential project at the Kalyanangam intersection, a project with a total height of 20.5 metres.3.

New commercial project at Naka Rambanangkotam, a residential development that will include a 7,000 sq. ft. commercial space.4.

A new residential development at Chawangam, an industrial zone with a 3,000sq.

ft.(A)Kalyanagam project4.7Kalyaniagam residential project5.

New residential block at Panchkhulwala, a building that is planned to be one of the most expensive in the city, which will include 2,000 apartments.6.

Construction of a 7.5-storey residential block in a residential complex in Banihavnagar, a neighbourhood in Vizig.7.

A new commercial development at Baniyam, the largest residential complex on the outskirts of Vizag, a cluster of four apartment blocks that are planned to have 2,200 units.8.

A 7.3-storeys residential block, in Baganam, which is planned as one of India’s most expensive residential blocks.9.

A development that is one of many developments planned in the Karkardas area, an area in Vizog that is also being built as a new commercial area.10.

A commercial project that is expected to cost Rs.10 crore.

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