October 12, 2021

Here are a few tips to help you get started with Vizag.1.

You can add properties as a tenant2.

You don’t have to pay for a licence3.

There is a list of agents you can contact4.

You won’t have any trouble with navigating the portal5.

You will be able to sell your properties in Vizag6.

You may also be able for example to sell property on a rental property7.

You’ll have to provide details about the properties you are looking to rent8.

You cannot add property as a customer to your home9.

The portal does not include a customer search service10.

You are not able to search for properties in your home.11.

It is only available for customers of one firm and not another.12.

You need to have a minimum of 25,000 sqft of floor space in your house to be able use the portal.13.

The real estate agent is required to have the correct visa to enter India.14.

You must be a resident of India for the portal to work.15.

It’s not possible to open a direct sale in Vizig.16.

The portals can’t accept transactions through Paytm, MasterCard, VISA, Moneygram, Jio, Amex or Paypal.17.

It requires at least Rs. 1,000 to open the portal18.

You do not need to apply for the licence to register your property as tenant.19.

You have to use the same account for the properties and the agent you are working with.20.

You pay for the license to use all the properties on the portal, not just those on your own.21.

You aren’t able to use other agents or agents for your property, like agents for banks, insurance companies, real estate agents etc.22.

You only can register your properties for 1 year.23.

You should be able connect with the agent on the other side of the portal for 1-3 months.24.

The agent can be any real estate firm that you work with, such as your landlord, your agent, your secretary, etc.25.

The property can be rented from the agent.


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