September 24, 2021

In its newest listing, the Indian-listed firm Vedanta has listed seven units for sale at the upscale Vistara Park, a building on the city’s northern outskirts that has been the epicentre of a fierce fight between developers and residents over its future.

The company said it had purchased the five-storey block in January and was now looking to sell it.

Vedanta, which has been in the business of buying properties in Vizas area for several years, said it has two more flats to come up at Vistarkanagar and Kedari, two of the other buildings in the complex.

The new unit at Vistsara Park is located between the Vistarsha Hotel and the Vistsarha Golf Club.

The company said the Vismarsha Golf club was the only other building in the area.

Vedantam’s five-story building on Vistar is just a stone’s throw from the Gurgaon-Mumbai Expressway.

It has a ground floor and three levels, with the third floor below ground.

In September, the company signed a deal with the city to build an outdoor parking garage for a total of 12,000 cars and said it planned to build a further 5,000 spaces in the new building, which is planned to open in 2019.

The project has sparked a fierce backlash among residents who are against development in the neighbourhood, where a string of recent construction accidents have killed at least 11 people and injured scores of others.

The area has also been designated as a no-go area by the police and the government.

Vishwa Srinivasan, an advocate with the Delhi Law Students’ Association, said the firm had made a mistake by listing the building for sale.

“They have put the house up for sale, which in itself is a major mistake.

The building was listed as a vacant lot in July but has not been vacated,” he said.

“The owners of the building have not moved it to their address, so the developers should have vacated it as well.” 

The building has been on the market for nearly a year, and the new listing comes as Delhi has faced a shortage of flats in the city.

The government has set up a number of projects to address the shortage, including one for a building for the elderly, but this is the first time the firm has listed the building as a unit.

In August, the Delhi government announced that it would purchase 7,000 units of flats from Vedanta to build the first apartment block for the poor.

It has not yet said when the building will be ready to be used as an apartment block.

After the Viscounted Gauri Nagar incident, which claimed the lives of two people, the city launched a crackdown on developers who were using the building to make illegal parking garages.

In September, a court ordered the demolition of the garage, saying the developers had violated rules by erecting illegal garages in the neighborhood without the consent of residents.

Vicanta has appealed against the order and is appealing to the Delhi High Court, but the developer said it could not afford to fight a legal battle against the city in court.

As a result, the government has decided to sell the building.

The new listing is a significant development for the area, which could help the developer secure more flats.


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