September 4, 2021

The latest listing for the top house prices is based on a house price index from the Landlord and Tenant Board of India, which was compiled by analytics firm Mintel.

The index was created to compare house prices across the country based on factors such as the number of apartments in a house, the location, the area of the property and the number, size and shape of the house.

The value of a property in a country is calculated based on the price of a similar property in another country.

In other words, the house price of the same property in India is calculated by comparing the price in the same country to that of the closest comparable property in that country.

For instance, a house in Mumbai costs Rs 4.5 crore, but in New Delhi it costs Rs 6.2 crore.

This is how the index calculates the house prices: The first row represents the total value of the properties in the house (i.e. land, apartment, land-lease, condominium etc).

The second row represents its area.

The third row represents what it costs to buy the property from the buyer (i-CASH, i.e., the cost of buying a house).

The fourth row represents how much it is worth to rent it.

The last row represents any other expenses associated with owning a house.

For example, a new apartment in Mumbai is Rs 4 crore, whereas a new home in Delhi is Rs 7.5 lakh.

However, a property is only worth Rs 4,000 in Delhi.

The difference between these two values is the CASH value of buying the property.

This can be a huge difference.

A house in Delhi could be worth Rs 25 lakh in New York and Rs 20 lakh in London, but it could be a mere Rs 5,000,000.

So, the buyer should always make sure they get the right property.

According to the data, the median house price in India was Rs 12.5 million in 2016.

The second highest value in the country was in Delhi, at Rs 18.6 crore.

The median house prices were Rs 8.7 crore in Kerala and Rs 8 crore in Maharashtra.

The city with the highest median house values was Bangalore at Rs 25 crore, followed by Mumbai at Rs 27 crore and Delhi at Rs 29 crore.

In fact, the cities with the lowest median house valuations were Delhi and Mumbai in India.

The median house value in Mumbai was $4.9 crore, which is nearly Rs 1 crore less than the median value in Delhi at $4,9 crore.

Similarly, the value of an apartment in Bangalore was Rs 6 crore, and the value in Bangalore is just Rs 4 lakh.

In India, the average home price in Delhi was Rs 11.6 lakh, while the average price of an average apartment was Rs 10 lakh.

In Mumbai, the home price was Rs 16.9 lakh, the apartment was just Rs 5 lakh.

So a house valued at $3.3 crore in Delhi can easily be worth $2.9 billion in Mumbai.

But the average house value of $4 crore in Mumbai would be only Rs 5.3 billion in Delhi’s case.

So how much does a house cost in Mumbai?

According to a survey done by Mintel, the cost per square metre in Mumbai has increased by 6.5% from 2013 to 2016.

Similarly the cost for a two-storey home in Mumbai increased by 10.5%.

But the price per square foot in Delhi has not changed much.

The average house price is only Rs 12 lakh in Mumbai, but a house that is worth Rs 50 lakh in Delhi costs around Rs 22 lakh.

The house in the best part of Mumbai is priced at around Rs 50 crore.

In the worst part of the city, it costs around $60 crore.


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