August 21, 2021

A big question that you may be asking yourself is how to find a good apartment in Chennai?

Well, the real estate agents will tell you, there are many apartments available and that means that it is quite easy to find.

But is it worth going for a search of apartments that are available? 

We will take a look at some of the more affordable apartment in the city.1.

Ramesh Prabhu (Vijayawada)A large apartment in Ramesha Prabhupathiya Park, Vijayabhadrapetur.

(Source: Anurag Verma/HT Photo)A few years ago, Vidyavihar Nagar was the centre of a massive search for a new place to live.

But in the past two months, a new development project has taken place at the site.

With more than 200 flats and apartments in the complex, this is one of the most affordable apartments in town.

It is a mixed-use apartment complex with a swimming pool, gym, tennis court and cinema.

The complex is also the home of the city’s largest yoga studio and a large library.2.

Rameesh Prabhi (Vidyavadhara)The building at which Rameshi Prabhar was born is the property of the Adani Group, which owns a number of properties in the area.

The property is located in the Adanagar area, just north of Vidyasagar.

The site is situated on a small stretch of the riverfront, on the edge of the Rameshipatnam area, on a major road, and the apartments are in a prime location.3.

Bhagavad Gita (Tewari)This is the first building that has become an apartment complex.

The building was built in the early 1990s, but was demolished in 2014.

The apartments are spread across seven floors.

The main floor has four apartments.

There are also two private bedrooms in the building. 


Adani Plaza(Krishna Nagar)The Adani Towers building, situated at the intersection of Rameshyamandra and Sankulam Nagar, is a mix of commercial and residential.

The buildings are spread out over a large area and offer a mix between rental and owner-occupied apartments.

The towers, which have been in the market for over a decade, are one of several buildings that have come up in the last two years.5.

Bhatti Group (Vishambaram)The main floor of this building is available to renters.

The other two floors are reserved to owners. 


Adanagiri Towers (Krishnapet)The apartment complex is situated in the heart of Vishambara.

The location of the apartment is on a narrow strip of land at the edge to the river.

It also has a pool, a gym, a cinema and the Adnagiri hotel.7.

Adnagar Towers (Sivagiri) The complex has been in commercial activity for over 10 years.

Located near Adanavari and Vijaya Nagar in Kududapetam district, the complex is located close to the riverside.

There is a swimming facility, a restaurant and a cafe.8.

Bajajan Towers (Nalagiri Nagar and Dondapetambaram Nagar)(Source: Bajaja Group)The apartments at the Bajaiwan Towers complex are divided into two floors.

There’s a one-bedroom apartment, a two-bedroom unit, and a three-bedroom suite.

There also is a terrace. 


Viyasagar (Viyasagara) This apartment complex has a total of 16 apartments. 

The apartments are scattered across the four floors. 


Rachiketi Towers (Vidya Nagar)–An apartment complex in Vidya Nagaryavaram.

(Image source: Akshar Gupta) 11.

Kondakkam Towers (Adani Towers) An apartment in Kondasagar, Vidya and Rachikkam. 


Bhatnagar (Adanagar) A large building at Adanaganagar in Vidyanagar, Vindakkalai. 


Rishikeshan (Vindakkanagar)Another large apartment complex at Rishikkam in Vidakkanagagar, Kondarajam.

(Photo source: Amit Kumar) 14.

Adil (Adalagoda) Adil is located on the outskirts of Adalagodavaram, near the Adil Gopuram temple. 


Baddi Towers An entire apartment complex located at the border of Rachiki and Baddipuram, Kannur. 16


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