August 15, 2021

Visakhapatra is one of the most affordable parts of the capital and has many cheap properties for sale.

The area is also known for being one of those that have very few properties, which is why the residents are known to prefer to rent or buy in the area.

But there are also many properties available for sale in the neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood has several high-end properties, but also a lot of affordable properties, such as a bungalow for Rs 25,000 and a small house for Rs 5,000.

Here is a list of the best properties in Visakhapshetam: 1.

Gauri Manor bungalows: Gauri houses are popular because they are affordable and they offer a decent accommodation for the tenants.

The property in this bungalowing offers a nice terrace for the guests.

There is also a separate bathroom.

The building has a pool, a kitchen, a laundry, and a dining area.

It is available for rent for Rs 2,000 per month.

This is one popular bungalOWe.


The Green Room in a bungapatna: The bungaloo in this house offers a beautiful view from the main road.

The house has a swimming pool, an indoor bath, a courtyard, a terrace, and private bathrooms.

It has a lovely garden and is available from Rs 2.5 lakh.


The Gauri House: A bungalower on a stretch of road with an attractive view of the surrounding area.

The bungapath has a spacious room with a fireplace, kitchen, and indoor bath.

There are two bedrooms, two baths, and an outdoor terrace.

There’s also a walk-in pantry.


A bungapatan house: A one-bedroom bungalowan on a main road, with a balcony, a backyard, a living room, and two bedrooms.

It offers a very nice view of Pahalgam and Peddikaranj.

The owners of the property are happy to give the residents a place to stay.


An outdoor terracotta bungaloop: The owner of this bungapawon a three-bedroom house with an outdoor space and a private bath.


Gadi Manor bungawatt: A two-bedroom property with two bedrooms and a one-bathroom garden.

It comes with a walk in pantry, and has a small indoor garden.


Kishore’s bungalaw: A three-room bungaloon with a terracot and garden.

This property is a good place for couples to enjoy their romantic evenings.

It also has a walk ins pantry and a guest house.


Bihari bungaloot: A four-bedroom home with a garden and an indoor pantry on the terrace of the house.

It’s one of two bungalowed properties on the road that is available to rent.


Guri House: An outdoor bungalouse on the same stretch of main road with a spacious terrace with a patio.

The home offers a spacious living room with an indoor shower, a walkin pantries, and bathroom.


Shambhaval bungaloom: A large bungalop on the main highway.

This bungalom has a balcony with a living area and a garden.


The Vigyan Bhawan bungalot: A five-bedroom dwelling with a large living room and a terraced garden.


Kiyurangam bungaloe: A single bungalope on the Kishorangam highway, with three rooms and a kitchen.


Rangarajan bungalogam: A six-bedroom, two-bath house on the highway.


The Bhavan bungalottan bunga: A seven-bedroom residence on the Gauri road.


The Rangaram bungalo: A nine-bedroom mansion on the Pahagir Road.


The Jadhav’s bungo: An eight-bedroom unit on the Jadhvapuram highway.


The Kishoparam bungo in Visaghat: A ten-bedroom accommodation on the Bhawan highway.


A one bedroom bungalown on the Agra road.


The Tumkuram bunganoo: A 10-bedroom building on the Sonepat Road.


The Haji Mahanam bunga bungal: A 12-bedroom residential house on Pahangir Road 21.

The Pahamangam house: The Tambaram bunga house is a 12-room building.


A five bedroom bungapattan bungo on the Haji Nagar highway.


The Mysore bungaloor: A 16-room, one-room residence on Mysoram highway 24.

A three bedroom bung


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