August 10, 2021

New Delhi: Flat dwellers in India are stuck in a cycle of misery and deprivation.

The country’s economic growth is stagnant.

Millions of Indians struggle to find work.

Flats are now being demolished to make way for luxury apartments, apartments that the government says will save the country millions of dollars.

But the Indian government is also doing something about the problem: its construction companies are taking over flats in poor neighbourhoods to make money.

In India, land is coveted and land values are inflated by the government, as in other developed nations.

This has made it easy for people to hoard land and turn it into flats, which can then be rented out.

In the most affluent parts of the country, such as the capital, New Delhi, the number of flats in the city is now a staggering 1.5 million, a quarter of all the flats in India.

The government says the plan will help to reduce India’s “high-income trap” by providing new jobs and housing to those who need it.

But some of the new flats in New Delhi are in poor neighborhoods, where people are still being forced to live in squalid conditions.

The plan has been criticized by human rights activists and even by some local residents who fear the project will further marginalize them.

“We’ve been living in poverty for a long time, and it is because of this government that we are still suffering from it,” said Maiti Srivastava, a former member of the Supreme Court of India, who works in a slum in New Bengal.

“I can see this plan as a massive step backwards for the poor.”

India has some of Asia’s most poor people.

It’s home to some of Africa’s highest rates of poverty and the world’s highest infant mortality rate.

But it has also one of the worlds lowest birth rates, and the Indian population is aging.

India’s population is projected to grow by only 3% a year for the next two decades, according to government projections.

The government says it wants to increase the proportion of young people living in flats to about 12% by 2022.

That will give the government a new source of income to pay for public services.

But critics say the government has failed to take a long-term view on the project, and has instead been focusing on the short-term gain of making money off a housing boom.

Some critics say that the country’s housing boom has only benefited those who already have large houses and large properties.

Last week, India’s housing ministry announced it had sold 2.5 lakh flats for $1.5 billion.

That’s a record for a single auction in India and comes as the government is now trying to shore up the stock of affordable housing that has dried up in many areas of the city.

Housing experts say that a number of factors have led to a housing glut.

The collapse of the rupee has made home ownership less affordable in India, where the average monthly salary is about $2,000.

A surge in housing prices and rising prices in many other developed countries, including China, has pushed up home prices.

Even as housing prices have skyrocketed in India over the past few years, prices in some of India’s most affordable neighbourhoods have been rising at rates of nearly 10% a month, according


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