August 7, 2021

By K.M. Nair and S.N. Gopal SubramaniamNew Delhi: The death of Nirma Yadav, the daughter of Nair Yadav who died after a heart attack at a hospital in New Delhi on Monday, is a big loss for the nation.

The Congress Party and BJP, which were battling in the polls, are in a tizzy over the death of their political rivals.

It is said that Yadav was at the top of their minds as she was a staunch supporter of the Congress and a big critic of the BJP.

Her death has also left a hole in the political life of the Opposition, which was reeling under a series of controversies after its chief ministerial candidate Arvind Kejriwal lost his election campaign.

The Chief Minister has been criticised for the alleged delay in giving the medical certificate of Yadav to her father.

But the Congress, which had campaigned for her nomination as a candidate for the Lok Sabha elections, has said that she was the victim of a political vendetta.

“It is a terrible loss for us.

She was the most vocal opposition against the corruption that is rampant in Delhi.

She took a stand against it and was also a strong critic of Kejriwal.

She died as she did not want to give up her fight for the people,” Congress spokesperson Dinesh Sinha told NDTV.

The Congress spokesperson said that his party would continue to hold Nirmala Yadav as a martyr in the party and its campaign.

“She is a hero to us.

We will continue to fight for her in the Assembly and in the city and also in the national election,” Sinha said.

While the Congress is holding a vigil in her honour at her home in New Lajpat Nagar, the party is yet to release any statement about the death.

But sources close to the family told NDtv that the Congress had already written to the Chief Minister for her welfare.

“The Congress Party has already written a letter to the CM, seeking her welfare and her help in the forthcoming elections,” said the person, who did not wish to be named.

The family has said they are ready to donate her body for burial in the constituency where she was born.

The family of the victim has been waiting for the Chief Ministers decision.


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