August 4, 2021

Vizag, India’s third-largest city, is a tourist hub that has seen a boom in the last two years.

With the popularity of its famous waterfalls, visitors can explore the city’s beautiful waters, including the Grand Central, its iconic Sankalp river and the famed river Saraswati.

In a bid to attract more tourists, Vizag’s development of the city has increased significantly over the last few years.

Now, Vizig is being developed as a resort town and home to hotels, apartments, a cinema, bars and restaurants.

But, as the city looks to become more of a tourist destination, real estate is increasingly looking at the area for rent.

In January 2017, the city government announced a 10-year plan to improve the area and attract more visitors.

“We are trying to take a holistic view to all the options, and to be able to meet all the needs of our city,” said Vizag Municipal Corporation (VMC) chief executive Anand Kumar.

“It is a holistic approach and we are trying our best to meet the demand of the people.”VMC has also launched a ‘Vishwani’ programme to attract foreign tourists.

In the first two months of this year, more than 100,000 foreign tourists visited Vizag from countries such as Turkey, Brazil, Turkey, Turkey-occupied Kashmir and the United Arab Emirates.

This number is expected to increase to around 300,000 visitors by 2019.

As part of the plan, the VMC has been looking at a range of options for its properties, such as a luxury hotel, condominiums, apartments and condominium complexes.

This is the latest step by the city in its attempt to attract tourists and developers.

The city government has also set up a ‘Tourism Bureau’ to monitor and manage tourist arrivals, and set up its own tourism advisory board.

With all this in mind, developers are now considering the possibility of selling the properties and moving into the city for rental.

In this latest development, the developer has also opened a ‘hotel-casino’ complex in Vizig.

The development will have a total capacity of around 1,300 units.

“The hotel will be situated in a large hotel complex.

The hotel will offer guests an opportunity to stay in the hotel as a guest for a maximum of two days per week,” said Vijay Kumar, managing director, Gurgaon-based J.A.R. Group.

“A new, high-end hotel complex will attract international tourists who are looking for an affordable accommodation in a city like Vizag,” he added.

The company is also considering leasing the hotel space to an individual or a company.

In addition, Vijay said that he is planning to set up the hotel and casino complex in conjunction with another development company.

This development will help in generating revenue for the city and provide a new source of income for the company.


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