August 2, 2021

By Axia BhattiFor the first time in more than a decade, India’s cities are being flooded.

In the country’s second largest city, Chennai, the water is rising as fast as the people and businesses, with more than 4 million residents reporting water-related issues, according to the Indian National Disaster Management Authority.

The crisis has prompted many Indian companies to re-think how they plan for water-tight infrastructure, including re-thinking the way flood insurance works.

But with a new government, the focus is more on addressing the immediate needs of people and communities.

In fact, there are many new ways that Indian businesses are planning to deal with the flooding.

In some cases, businesses are trying to build out new, better floodproof infrastructure, as the government has pledged.

For instance, the world’s largest online-dating service, Bollywood, recently started a crowdfunding campaign to raise $100 million to help flood-affected people and business owners in their bid to rebuild their lives.

In other cases, some businesses have begun using their existing flood-proofing strategies to deal directly with the floodwaters.

For example, the city of Ahmedabad is using its existing flood barriers to rebuild the roads in its inner city, a move that is expected to make roads safer.

A new way of thinking about watertight infrastructureThe government is also looking at ways to address the issue of watertight flood barriers.

The National Flood Control Authority of India (NFCAI) is looking into ways to create a new kind of floodproof barrier, according a government statement on Wednesday.

The new system could be built in a city using a combination of concrete and glass, and it would be equipped with an underwater system, such as a lid.

This new system, called an “overlay barrier,” would be attached to the wall or wall of a building or a concrete building, according the government.

In a way, the government is taking a cue from private companies.

For many years, Indian private companies have been building over-the-top walls around cities to protect them from the flood waters, but the government says that this approach is not viable.

“It is necessary to look at ways of addressing the problem of flooding,” said N. Rajesh, a senior executive of the NFCAI, in a statement.

“It is also necessary to address this problem through new, smarter ways of planning.”

This new approach to floodproofing could include using underwater barriers to build flood barriers, or building in concrete barriers to protect buildings from flooding.

“The new approach will be based on the best available science,” said Rajesh.

“And this approach will also include the consideration of the socio-economic and environmental impact of building.”

For the new system to work, the new barriers need to be built with enough strength to withstand the pressures of water.

But if the new flood barriers fail to protect against the pressure, the flood water can flow into other parts of the building.

For this reason, the NFDAI is also working with experts to develop a way of making the barrier stronger, Rajesh added.

It could also be possible to design the flood barriers using materials that can withstand the pressure of water, such like waterproof materials that are designed to be easily removed.

But as of now, the most effective way to address flood-related risks in the future is through building more infrastructure.

This is what will be done in the city, said Amit K. Agarwal, director of the Centre for Applied Environmental Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, in an interview.

He said the city should use a combination, including building over the top walls, using concrete barriers, and building in cement walls.

Agarwal said the best way to handle this problem is to ensure that the infrastructure that is built is durable.

He also said the most important thing for building infrastructure in the country is the water-management system, which has to be efficient.

The government will take a holistic approach to dealing with this crisis, and to ensure all the necessary infrastructure is built and maintained, Agarwa said.


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