August 1, 2021

Apartment in the sprawling city of Visakhapatanam, about 30 km from the national capital, is a pricey one.

Its three-bedroom unit in the upscale Kachapatnagar neighborhood has a asking price of $2.1 million, or about four times the city’s median home price.

The apartment’s previous owner, who has since died, gave it to the family of the city councilor who served on the council.

The councilor’s wife, Kavita, bought the apartment in May last year for $1.8 million, according to a listing on the brokerage website Barchart.

“My family wanted to make the home affordable,” she said.

“They wanted a place that they could live in and that they would be proud to have their kids growing up in.”

The councilors husband is a lawyer who once represented the city government.

He did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The median home prices in Vizag are about $400,000.

But the price of the apartment is almost twice that.

The property’s previous occupant, a wealthy businessman, gave the apartment to his daughter, who bought it for $600,000 last month, according a listing of the home on Barcharts.

That is more than twice the median household income in the city.

The owner of the three-story, three-bathroom unit, Vidyadharan Das, did not reply to a request for comment from New York.

A property in Visakhapsadar, a city on the coast of the Andaman Sea, is worth $2 million, but the price is nearly twice the city median income.

Its previous occupant gave it back in 2012, according the listing.

A listing on BARCHART says the building is owned by an elderly man.

It did not give details about the building’s owner.

The listing also says the home is owned jointly by the parents of two of the councilors.

Neither the city nor the couple’s daughter responded to multiple emails seeking comment.

The median home sales price in Vizakhapatsadar is about $1 million.

The building’s previous occupants, who own the home, did NOT respond to a New York Times inquiry.

The city and its councilors did not return multiple requests to comment.

In Kachipatnam’s high-end district, a three-room house in the posh city suburb of Kachangarai, with a price tag of $3.2 million and a walk-up condo for $4.4 million, is one of the most expensive properties in the state.

It’s located on the edge of the Kachasapatna Hills, which are the country’s largest forests.

It is also the only one of several high-profile properties in Kacharai where the buyer will not be given a choice.

“The property is in a protected area and the only way the buyer can enter the building and get into the building for an inspection is through the door, and he can only enter through that door if he has a valid permit, which is difficult to obtain,” said Ramesh, the property’s developer.

“If someone wants to get in, they have to come through the front door, so it’s a really complicated process.”

The Kachamantapatnas property is owned, according an email from the developer, by Kachayath, who is a close friend of the mayor.

The Kachachapatsads are close friends, but not related.

Another Kachakapatsadan, Prabhat Kavishankar, who manages the building, declined to comment to New York, saying he does not wish to speak to the media.

Vidyadkar’s property is on the other side of the hills from the Katchamangalam park, the sprawling expanse of green spaces and lush grasslands that stretches across a large swath of Visakapatnum.

It has five different levels, ranging from one to three bedrooms.

It also has a private beach, which can be accessed only by boat from Kacha.

The house’s previous owners gave it away in 2012 for $200,000, according Barchas listing.

Prabhash Kavisha, the builder, did respond to an email.

The land is owned privately, and the building does not require a permit to be built, he said.

A man from Katchanapatnai, a village on the outskirts of the Vizag district, was not immediately available to comment on the building.

There are some rare exceptions to the high-priced properties.

The home in Katchapatnanam, which has two floors of bedrooms and a bathroom, is listed at a cost of $1,300,000 by a real estate firm


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