July 26, 2021

can help you find it article The apartment building that sits just outside your door in Chennai’s Kandy district is an old relic.

The building that once stood next to the city’s bustling nightlife has been demolished and rebuilt.

Built in 1954, the apartment was constructed to accommodate around 2,000 people.

Nowadays, it houses about 1,500 people.

The area around the building is still largely unoccupied, but its occupants are happy to have the building, which has not yet been renovated.

The apartment building, named N.G.K.V., was built for the construction of a hospital.

The structure itself is a simple building with three rooms in each wing, according to a press release from the National Housing Corporation.

The main room is the main living area.

The second room is reserved for the office of the chief medical officer.

The third room has a small bathroom and a kitchen.

The first floor is reserved as an office for the director of the hospital.

The second floor, on the other hand, is a private room.

This room has two beds, a desk, and a refrigerator.

The third floor has a bed and a desk.

The fourth floor has two chairs.

The fifth floor has another bed.

The sixth floor has one chair.

The seventh floor has the other chair.

It is also reserved for two women in their thirties and for a senior woman in her sixties.

It is not the first time that N.

K V.

Kaviraman, who died last year, has been the subject of a renovation project.

The first phase of the renovation, which was completed in 2013, was a one-room apartment building with a small balcony.

However, the building was torn down in 2011 and the second phase was built on the site.

The renovation cost Rs. 9 crore.

A year later, a project was announced to rebuild the building on the same site.

The project has been postponed to January.

The architect of the project is Prabhakaran Gautam, who is also the chairman of the company that designed the previous phase of renovation.


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