July 20, 2021

A real estate developer in Visakhapati will not be surprised to learn that there are no cash counters on his properties, or to find that your cash will be kept in a safe deposit box.

The developer, who has been running an apartment development in Visakapati’s Gulbarga area for over a decade, has been getting some complaints from the residents about the security of their money and property.

But when he told me about the cash counter he had installed in his apartment, he was surprised to hear that people did not even know how to use it.

He had installed the cash counters for security reasons, but not to check for deposits.

It has now been a while, but he is still receiving complaints from people about their money.

I got a call from a resident about the counter in the apartment complex.

“When I go to collect my deposit, I ask him what the money is, but his response is that it is cash,” he said.

“I was surprised, since I do not use cash and have never deposited it before.

When I call him to ask for the deposit back, he said the cash is gone.

I asked him why he was not paying the deposits, but that was also his answer.

I also asked him about the money that he deposited, but I did not get a satisfactory reply.

A resident of a property development building in Gulbarge, Visakhampati, says the security measures in the development have been poor. “

But we don’t have that safe deposit,” he added.

A resident of a property development building in Gulbarge, Visakhampati, says the security measures in the development have been poor.

“The cash counter has been installed in the building, and it is very expensive to install,” said a resident of Gulbangere, who did not want to be identified.

“A neighbour who lives near the building told me that they do not have a security guard in the office and the building is full of empty chairs and books.

The security guard has never seen us.”

The developer said he had also installed the security system in the property building at Gulbangam in Visa Nagar.

“In this building, all the windows are open, and people enter the building.

I installed a cash counter there and the residents are very concerned about it.

They do not trust us,” he told medical correspondent Ravi Kachroo.

He added that they were also concerned about their cash, which is stored in the safe deposit boxes in the residential units of the development.

The security measures have not been adequate, said the resident of the Gulbagari unit, who was also not willing to be named.

“Our deposit is in the cash boxes, and we have no cash to deposit,” she said.

The residents of the units, however, have also been complaining to the developer, asking for their money back.

“We did not ask for cash from the developer.

We asked him for the cash in our safe deposit.

He gave us only Rs 10,000, which was not enough,” she added.

She also said that the developer has not provided them with any documents.

“Why did we not ask the developer for the deposits back?” she asked.

The resident said the developers office is in a residential building in Visabagar, about 40km away from Gulbagar.

“My deposit was deposited in the company’s office,” she told medical reporter Kishore, who asked the residents of Gulagari if the developer had told them what deposit they should deposit.

“No, he only told us about the safe Deposit box, and the security systems in the properties,” she claimed.

“I had asked the developers to make the safe Deposits for us, but they have not provided us with any deposit slip or instructions,” she complained.

The developer said the security guards are always in the vicinity, and if they do come to check the deposits or ask us for cash, he would not tell them about the deposit.

The developers office, he added, is in Gulabagari, about 20km away.

“We are also not receiving the security deposit, as we have moved from Gulagar to Gulbai and we cannot go back,” she pointed out.

The resident of Kisho Nagar also complained about the lack of security measures at the development site.

“There is a security fence around the entrance, but there is no security guard at the building,” he alleged.

“Also, they have installed no CCTV cameras and CCTV system in residential areas, which are visible from the road,” he explained.

The development company did not respond to phone calls seeking comment.

The Gulbari residents, however are worried that their money will be lost.

“It is not that the money has been lost.

We have lost Rs 3,000 from our


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