July 17, 2021

Now that the government has announced a 20% price rise in apartments in Vizag, it’s time to find out what to do next.

The prices have been pushed up by as much as 50%, which is enough to make even the richest families and families with large portfolios uncomfortable.

So, let’s find out how to sell an apartment in Vizanagar, which is where the government announced the hike.1.

The cheapest apartment: If you live in a flat with two people, you’ll pay an extra 20% on top of the price hike.

This means that a family of five will pay an additional $1,858 on top.2.

The best deal: There are also cheaper apartments in Vikanagar than anywhere else in the city.

You’ll pay around $1 per square metre in the main part of the city, but a smaller portion of it will go towards the basement and the basement apartments will get a cut of the profit.3.

The most expensive: The cheapest apartments will fetch more than $5,000 in Viganagar.

But a large portion of this will go to the basement.

The biggest challenge for investors in Vanganagar, and why so many are reluctant to sell their properties, is the low supply of apartments.

This is due to the government’s decision to cap the number of new apartments at 1,500.

This means that many people are hesitant to sell even their cheapest apartments because they don’t know when the limit will be lifted.

But the government is planning to lift the limit in January 2019.

This is why the government will also increase the minimum payment amount from 1,000 to 2,000 rupees ($150 to $200).


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