July 14, 2021

You can buy a house anywhere in the world, and most of the time you can.

But in cities like Delhi, you may not be able to do so.

You have to travel from one location to another.

But, what if you could just walk?

That’s exactly what an engineer from Hyderabad called Muthu is doing.

He has developed a system for making a house move at a quick pace in a city that has a high population density.

“The system is very similar to a car.

The key difference is the GPS system, which is designed for cars,” he told NDTV.

Muthu developed the system in partnership with Google, which was initially interested in the technology.

“We started working on it in December last year, but when Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced that they were developing a smartphone app for people to find houses, we decided to work on the software instead,” he said.

Mirthu says the system is currently in beta.

He told NDtv that it will soon be released to the public.

“For the next 10 months, we are working on beta testing the app.

The app is free, and it is open source.

We are using Google’s SDKs and the Android SDKs.

The only thing we need is Google’s Android SDK,” he added.

The system was first used in Dubai in 2010, when a group of engineers from the city’s IT department came up with a solution.

But it took a while for the project to catch on.

The first public demo of the system happened in March 2011 in Delhi.

Muthun told NDTA that it was the most expensive part of the project, and that the developers had to work hard to make it as easy as possible.

“We spent over a year building the system.

It took us over 2,000 hours, and I would estimate that it cost us around Rs 5 lakh.

It cost about Rs 3.5 crore.

So we spent around Rs 2.5 lakh each,” he explained.

He added that the system took about five months to complete.

He explained that the GPS trackers work with a variety of signals, such as wind, rain, snow, and sun.

However, the main problem was to make sure that the location of each GPS signal was within the bounds of the data, and the GPS device would automatically detect when the signal was in range.

“If the signal is off, the system will automatically stop tracking.

If the signal reaches the device and the device is in range, the tracking stops,” he claimed.

Mothu said that in Delhi, there were several houses where there was no GPS system available.

“There were about 10,000 houses where the GPS tracking was not functioning.

We had to build a new system, so we could track the locations of all the houses,” he pointed out.

But, the GPS tracks only one house per block, and Muthul added that there were no problems in tracking homes across the entire city.

He explained that there are several different ways to track homes, and he is working on a solution for tracking a house using a combination of all three systems.

Mithu said the system also tracks houses in the area surrounding a large office building, which would help him to keep track of the location.

“When we go to work, we can have our phones in front of us.

If we go out for a walk, we have GPS on us.

When we go for dinner, we know exactly where we are.

When I go to the toilet, the software will know where we go,” he shared.”

There is a big gap between the way the GPS tracker works in real time and the way it works in the simulator.

But I think it is a step in the right direction,” Muthud said.


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