July 8, 2021

The hottest real estate market in India may not be a big deal for the people living in it, but it is a huge headache for those who are trying to buy the right properties for their family.

According to a recent report by Urban Land Trust, the city of Vizag is the second-most expensive city in India with property prices at a whopping $1.7 million a sq ft.

The report, which covers a period of six years, notes that Vizag’s housing market has grown at an average rate of 10.8% every year, and that this is only going to get worse as the years go on.

The city has a population of about 30 million and has been in the news quite a few times recently, thanks to the murder of a student by a Muslim student.

As of now, the investigation is ongoing, and it is unclear if the murder was connected to the student’s crime.

However, many in Vizapatna are worried about the rising prices, as they fear they will be priced out of the market by the end of the year.

The biggest concern for those in the city is the city’s lack of infrastructure.

The metro lines have been badly constructed in the past, and there is a lot of construction happening all over the city.

The issue is also one of accessibility.

According the report, the most affordable residential properties in Vizig are located in the eastern part of the city, where it is less difficult for the poor to get to the metro.

The area around the metro line is a nightmare for those living in that part of town, as the area around it is mostly populated by people who are already suffering from the lack of accessibility in Vizage.

The Metro line is the only road that can get you to the Metro Station, which is in the centre of the area.

There are also other metro lines that are less crowded than the Metro Line.

The lines are also a great way to get around, as it is easier to cross the city if you take the Metro than if you drive.

But that’s not all that the Metro line has to offer.

The most affordable homes in Vizang are located at the western part of Vizapattnam, where they can be reached from the metro stations.

There is also a subway line that connects the metro and the subway lines.

These two lines are the main way to reach the western parts of the metro area, which are home to the largest number of households in Vizak.

Apart from Metro lines, there are also some other ways of getting around Vizag.

One of them is by walking.

A lot of people in Vizasad village are using these walkways to get through the streets.

These walkways are quite long, and take you a while to get from one part of city to the other, so it is best not to take them.

But the walkways can be very useful for those looking to sell their properties to the highest bidder, as there are very few properties that can be bought for a reasonable price.

There are other ways to get access to Vizag from other parts of town.

The easiest way is to rent a car from a private car rental company.

Most car rental companies in Vizanagar rent their cars to other businesses, including hotels and restaurants.

Most people in the suburbs of Vizanag rent their own cars to rent from private car companies.

The private car company will rent the car to you, and you can drive it wherever you want to.

Another option is to walk in the metro or on the metro lines, but then you have to pay for the car rental.

This can be a problem if you are going to be in Vizaapattam or Pathanam or in any other area where there is not a lot to do in Vizaganagar.

The problem is that you have no idea if you will get any kind of access to the property.

The only thing that can really help you is to talk to people who live in the area, who can help you find the best property for you.


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