July 2, 2021

By Gopal Subramanian | 12 June 2017 07:56:40 A resident of a flat in Vizags Paharganj area says he and his family are now living in “a rented house” and “have nothing to do with the situation” in the area.

The story has come to light after the media reported that the owner of the property is trying to sell it to a private developer for RM2.8 million (about US$1.3 million).

Residents in Paharskapatni are not happy with the development.

The owner of a property in Pahsakapatna area in Vizagi, who preferred to remain anonymous, said, “If you think the land is mine, then you are mistaken.

The land belongs to us and the landowner has not given any permission to anyone to build on it.”

“We don`t have time [to explain] because of our lives here,” he added.

“I can’t understand why they are trying to buy the land for RM1.7 million (US$450,000),” the owner said.

Residents are also unhappy with the land development plan for Pahsarkapatnna, saying the development has been pushed by the builder.

Krishna Prakash, who is a resident of the Paharpatna flat, said the builder, Pramoi Parthas, told him the plan was to build an office building.

“He [Pramoit Parthapar] said, ‘You are going to build a office building in the Pahsarskaps area.

It is a good opportunity for the area to get the area a high-rise residential building,’ ” Mr Prakashi said.”

Pramoi Parthar told us to wait for the developer.

He said they would build the building on the land.

I was so upset.

I felt that the developer should have known the land would be in the hands of a foreigner.”

Mr Parthak has told the media he does not have any business interests in the flats in the name of the company, and has not been approached by the developer in the past.

“We are just trying to protect the property and property owners in Vizakhapapatnan,” he said.

He added that the developers are not the owners of the land in the locality.

The development is now being opposed by local residents.

Mr Prakshi said the developer’s proposal is not in line with the guidelines of the Planning Commission.

“I have no business interest in the property, which belongs to me and I am the land owner.

Why are they trying to build in the middle of my flat?

They are just throwing money at it,” he told the Herald.”

The developer has promised that the building will not affect the area,” he alleged.

An employee of the developer, Pratik Mishra, told the newspaper that the firm has already spent about RM1 million in the development of the flats and is working with the builder on the next phase.

“It`s a small company with no land or property interests in this area.

We are doing our best to protect our property.

We will take all legal steps necessary,” he was quoted as saying.

However, Mr Mishra said he had been contacted by the Herald and other media outlets seeking comment.

Paharsarkapatannam residents, however, do not see things the same way.

Namaste to the developer Mr Parthi, a resident in the house, said: “It is my land.

They [the developer] have promised that I will be given the land, but in reality, the developer has not paid me any money.”

He also said the developers’ plans for the property were “very poor”.

“The land is in a very poor state.

I am a big fan of the project.

They promised to build something good in the future, but I have no hope of getting anything for the land,” he claimed.

He added: “If it is a big company with lots of money, they can do whatever they want.

But they are just a small team of three or four people.”

The developer’s lawyer, P.S. Ravi, also denied any wrongdoing and said the development was “legal”.

“The company is a real estate developer and its plans are in line to achieve its business goals,” he denied.

Sarvadapatam residents are also against the developer`s plans.

Mr Pratak said: “”We want to preserve the integrity of our heritage.

The developers will only benefit from this land.


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