June 13, 2021

Now Playing: Who is the new president of China?

Now Playing (The above video is from March 2017, but it’s still a good one.)

Now Playing ‘Myanmar’s new president’s wife is a journalist who’s married to a foreign journalist’ Now Playing Who is in charge of the US State Department?

Now Play: What are the biggest threats to Australian democracy?

Now Paying for sex with the elderly: This woman and her boyfriend have a story of love and sex with a 70-year-old man Now Playing A group of women in Thailand have been fined for having sex with tourists in Thailand Now Playing Australia’s top 10 most dangerous cities Now Playing What’s a new Australian passport?

Now Featuring: ‘What is the worst thing a person can do to you?’

Now Playing In Australia, the sun is a symbol of hope Now Playing How Australian scientists are making some incredible discoveries Now Playing Trump’s ‘greatest nightmare’ is finally revealed in a new book Now Playing Meet the Australian woman who’s been kidnapped, raped and threatened by ISIS Now Playing New York’s new mayor calls out racist attacks and hate speech Now Playing US President Donald Trump speaks about climate change in his first full press conference as president Now Playing Australian journalist detained in Thailand for having an affair with a foreign man Now Being interviewed about ‘the greatest threat to Australian Democracy’ Now Featuring Australia’s newest female president Now Featuring ‘Why it’s so important for Australian women to be able to vote’ Now More Now Playing Why it’s important for Australians to be educated in their own language Now Featuring Australian politicians and activists speak out against sexism and racism Now Featuring The ‘great white north’ of Australia: The South Pacific and South East Asia are home to some of the most advanced economies on Earth Now Featuring Why it can be so hard to be a female leader Now Featuring What do the scientists think about Australia’s ‘biggest threat’ to democracy?

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